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What is (Animal) love ?

What is love?

Love is an amazing thing, right?

Probably it's THE most treated topic in our society.

I mean: Could you even easily name three books, films or series that NOT revolve in the core arround some kind of love? ツ

Though keep asking questions about love seems so ordinary, we aren't really aware of the fact that in most cases we talk from an restricted perspective that considers love only as something that can happen between humans or - in a broader sense - between at least one human and an animal.

If the discussion comes to animals only and questions about love between them, we as humans often tend to interpret the same behavior of affection, f.e. cuddling, protection of others etc., as natural instincts rather than a social behavior.

But why are we doing so?

Why is there a certain hesitation in us which is holding us back from crediting the sensation of love to animals?

Where is the difference?

Is there a difference?

And if yes: Could it be that we don't understand love in animals not because there is none but this love is beyond the human realm?

This gallery will be followed by a blog entry!

Stay curious!

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