Those who let us linger in their presence

Wild ones and compagnions

what does “wild” mean?

When we’re thinking about wild animals, we tend to immediately imagine tigers, wolves or sharks - animals we perceive as powerful beasts or we have created a frightening narrative about.

At the same time, we overlook all those wild ones who live directly next to us.

But why are we doing so?

Why does a crow, a seagull or a swan appear less wild to us than a bison or a horse?

Is it because we tend to think that wilderness equals indomitablility and danger, so only animals bigger and stronger than us are wild?

Is it because we learnt both - we as human and they as non-human animals - to tolerate each other or even form a kind of symbiosis in specific areas of our shared habitat?

And if yes: Are they therefore becoming “less wild”?

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Photos were mostly taken

in Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and on the Faroe Islands.

Each animal was photographed while maintaining a comprehensive distance so as not to interfere with the animal's habitat.


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