a lovestory about herself

A woman following her heart will never be a lonely traveller

Who is having your back ? What is holding you back ?

We live in a world which offers us more than ever before. Never has it been easier to travel, to work and study abroad, to just move the center of your life from one country to another.

At the same time, the range of paths we can choose have never been more overwhelming, even suffocating.

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This photo series developped totally spontanious and quite by itself:

two young women on the road with a camera. Each of us had several questions on her mind, some of them unique to our character and personal story, some of them so similar that it seemd almost surreal.

But in the end, they all came down to this question:

Where do I want to go?

And who is having my back while getting there?

What is holding me back from even making the first step?

Though view on the ocean, we were finding ourselves at a crossing road, a mental crossing road that provides not only right or left path choices but also tempted with the familiarity of going back from what we know and where we came from.

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I’m thankful for this person which felt immediately as a friend to an extent that the decision to go on this trip together after knowing each other just for a few weeks seemed to be the most natural thing to do.

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I’m thankful that we are not alone while following our hearts.

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Photos have been taken in Croatia near Pula, Fažana and on the Brijuni Islands.

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This gallery will be followed by a blog entry!

Stay curious!

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